Sunday, September 22, 2013

Democracy Week flop

Today officially marks the end of “Democracy Week.” If you missed it, don’t feel bad. The commemoration received virtually no coverage in the corporate media.

Our Chief Electoral Officer marked “Democracy Day,” however, with a column saying we need to get young people more involved.

Of course, he ignored the elephant in the room: our primitive voting system that doles out unfettered power to minority parties shutting the vast majority out of government. (The literal opposite of democracy.)

I guess it’s not his place to point out the voting system he oversees is a painfully obvious farce.

This is NOT the launch of Fair Vote’s “Make Every Vote Count” campaign…

Fair Vote flop

In the same vain, Fair Vote Canada launched it’s Make Every Vote Count campaign on Parliament Hill. It was also ignored by the press. Perhaps they should’ve inflated a giant Mike Duffy balloon to grab more attention.

They could, of course, reach out to a much wider audience by promoting ranked ballot voting reform along with proportional representation. You know, let Canadians decide which kind of voting reform is best?

But why put the democracy in democratic reform when you can participate in a farce?

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