Saturday, May 24, 2014

When Liberals fail: blame the NDP

Whenever the Liberal party fails at something — whether the federal Liberals, Ontario Liberals, etc. — one thing you can be rest assured of: they’ll blame the NDP.


When the Paul Martin government fell in 2006 which led to Harper to winning the election and forming the government: it was all Jack Layton’s fault.

Never mind the Liberals were in power for 13 years and broke promise after promise. Never mind they deceived voters by campaigning from the left and governing from the right. Never mind they were embroiled in Ad Scam corruption.

If you were to believe partisan Liberals, it’s the NDP’s job to give them unconditional support. Paul Martin didn’t lose a democratic election to Stephen Harper — the NDP was somehow responsible!


When the federal Liberals elected Stephane Dion as their “leader” — a hapless man who spoke poor English and French — that was the NDP’s fault. When Harper pounded him into the dirt with attack ads, it was the NDP’s doing. When Dion inevitably lost big to Harper — all on the NDP.


When the federal Liberals crowned Michael Ignatieff leader without a leadership race, that was the NDP’s error.

When Ignatieff rejected the Liberal-NDP coalition that would’ve ousted Harper in 2008 — believing he would do better by winning the next election — all the NDP’s fault.

When Harper ran disgusting attack ads claiming Iggy was a self-serving American blue blood, it wasn’t his responsibility to fight back and prevent Harper from defining him in the media. That was the NDP’s job!

When Ignatieff led the Liberals to their biggest defeat in history — one acronym says it all: NDP!

Ontario election

Now we hear the same Liberal sniveling in the 2014 Ontario election.

In 2013, Kathleen Wynne — newly elected leader of the Liberal party — worked with NDP leader Andrea Horwath to put together a budget. But Wynne decided to ditch all three NDP policies: home care for seniors, 15% auto insurance discount and a financial accountability office.

In 2014, Wynne piled empty promises on top of broken ones — without any means to pay for them.

Instead of seeking support for her budget — which is required in a minority situation — she ran attack ads! She actually began campaigning for the election a month before releasing her self-sabotaged budget, running TV ads that bypassed her own campaign blackout law.

Of course, this was all Horwath’s doing. Clearly Andrea’s job as NDP leader is to overlook broken promises, attack ads and billions of dollars in corruption and waste — giving blind support for a budget that Wynne, herself, didn’t take seriously.

Now if Wynne loses the election — letting Hudak get a 40% majority by alienating right-leaning voters trying to out-NDP the NDP — you can bet Liberals will whine and cry: the NDP did it!


When a person always blames everyone else for their problems and failures, what do people typically think of that person? They think they’re pathetic.

It’s certainly no different when a political party does the same thing — especially in a shallow attempt to weasel votes — or a majority government — they haven’t earned. If anything, it’s even more pitiful.

Here’s some advice for free-riding Liberals who abandoned centrist liberal principles for raw power decades ago: you are not entitled to your entitlements. Votes and power are EARNED. Nobody owes you anything.

It’s time to start taking responsibility for your lies, your corruption and your failures.

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