Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why women’s issues are crucial to society

Many accused Justin Trudeau of being sexist for holding a women’s-only fundraising event titled, Justin Unplugged. Emma Teitel of Maclean’s points out the irony that it was actually a charity fundraiser put together by female volunteers.

Lindsay Mattick, who oversaw the controversial invitation design said, “The fact that an invitation could cause women to think there was sexism involved in this event was really upsetting to me. This was an event designed by women for women.”

Are there women’s issues?

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel and NDP MP Megan Leslie went so far as to say there are no women’s issues: “All issues are women’s issues.” Although I happen to be male, I think they are wrong. Women have a different take on things than men and it’s important that their voices are not only heard, but acted on.

Despite 50 years of the women’s liberation movement, we still live in a very patriarchal society. Women are kept down by a corporate-culture glass ceiling. This is not only unfair, it’s destructive to society.

Why we need to talk about differences

To tackle sexism back in the 1960s, society took the unisex approach making it politically incorrect to talk about how the sexes differ. Pointing out differences could imply one sex is superior to the other.

But pretending there are no differences means patriarchy wins by default: the male way of doing things becomes the only way.

How men and women differ

Generally speaking, men and women take very different approaches to life.

Men tend to be individualistic. Women, community oriented.

Men suppress their emotions to show they are strong under adversity. Women are better able to comprehend feelings through non-verbal cues and better communicate on an emotional level.

Men are competitive and see everything as a game to be won. Women focus on creating solutions that work for the entire group.

Global patriarchy

The end result of global patriarchy is a corrupt civilization with many serious problems. Self-aggrandizing alpha males see the world as something to be conquered and dominated. Greed and self-interest are promoted as values. Social and environmental injustices are dismissed as unfortunate necessities.

If we lived in a world that was half-way influenced by women, we’d have a much more progressive and responsible civilization. Instead we have an ugly mess of war and oppression on a fast track to self destruction.

In order for humanity to survive and thrive, we need a stronger input from women.

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