Monday, December 16, 2013

Are conservatives freaking crazy?

Something just ain’t right with the right.

Rob Ford hangs out with gangsters, indulges in drunken stupors and smokes crack, but the way some conservatives see it, it’s not his fault.

When Jason Kenny suggested the painfully obvious, that RoFo should resign, Jim Flaherty screamed at him: “Shut the f--k up!” The altercation — on the floor of the House of Commons, no less — almost came to blows. (Flaherty’s temper and relationship to Ford certainly puts his Enron-style book-keeping in a whole new light.)

Kooky punditry

Then there are the bizarre opinion pieces from conservative pundits coming to Ford’s defense.

Conrad Black states “Rob Ford’s critics refuse to give up their hate campaign.” Claims there’s a “prolonged effort to crucify” the mayor.

Rex Murphy writes in a column titled, “An early, bitter Christmas for the Ford-haters,” the real problem is that Ford is “an outsider to the elite-media game.”

Michael Coren, the most disgusting of the bunch, chalks it up to “Jew hating hippies.” This one has to be read to be believed:

Outside Toronto City Hall are the stoned hippies, the professional protesters who seem not to have to work for a living, the Marxist haters who have added Ford to their list of monsters that up to now consisted of Jews, conservatives, Harper, the U.S. and mommy and daddy.


What could possibly cause these people to behave in this way? I think the Ford fiasco exposes the underlying mechanism behind the con ideologue. That is, every word that comes out of their mouths is a lie: a line or wire whose entire purpose is to manipulate people.

What underlying motives or values do they have? They say, for example, liberals are only into politics for power. The ideologue, in this context, is “principled” with a higher ideological purpose.

Yet their ideology is founded on “principles” like unfettered selfishness and insatiable greed. Their angle is that the bad turns to good with the aid of an “invisible hand.” Yeah right. If anyone is in it for raw animal power, these guys fit the bill.

No blame, no shame

One also can’t help but notice the conservative doctrinaire is physiologically incapable of feeling shame. This often leads them to preposterous rationalizations like the ones above, not to mention blatant hypocrisies without batting an eye.

Are conservative true-believers sociopathic? There’s a joke that sociopaths who don’t become thugs, grifters or serial killers go on to become corporate executives. I think you can add neo-con activist to the list.

Of course, unlike Dexter who vented his anger on individuals, the conservative sociopath dreams of inflicting his rage upon on an entire nation — or even better, the whole wide world. From crusaders to conquistadors to Nazis to terrorists, history shows us the most dangerous kind of sociopath is one with a political agenda.

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