Friday, February 14, 2014

Does the National Post’s John Ivison work for Harper’s Ministry of Truth?

When Harper came to power he constructed, with copious amounts of taxpayer dollars, a Ministry of Truth comprised of 4,000 communications staffers.

Their job is to script what Con ministers and MPs say to the press to ensure they “stay on message.” They also stonewall and propagandize access to information requests from the media, as well as muzzle government scientists.

Apparently John Ivison is among their ranks. When Jim Flaherty surprised pundits and Conservatives alike by coming out against a social-con income-splitting scheme — which the Cons promised during their 2011 campaign (after the budget was “balanced”) — Ivison tried stuffing the last 3 years of party history down the memory hole.

Not only did he claim the promise was never made, he also said Flaherty and Harper were against the scheme all along.

I must commend Ivison on his highly disciplined use of “double think.” Big Brother … er … Harper must be pleased. I can just imagine all the party faithful repeating to themselves over and over: the Conservative party is against income splitting; the Conservative party was always against income splitting…

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