Monday, February 10, 2014

Flahery’s ‘major’ infrastructure plan

Flaherty claims that Tuesday’s budget will contain money for “major” infrastructure projects. But it’s pretty obvious what his real infrastructure plan will be:

  1. Commit a piddling amount of money stretched out over a 10-year period that doesn’t begin to tackle the $125B infrastructure deficit racked up over the past 30 years of cheaponomics.

  2. Ensure half the money includes spending commitments the government has already made.

  3. Spend millions of taxpayer dollars promoting it in ubiquitous “Economic Action Plan” ads.

  4. Eliminate all the funding and brag the he saved taxpayers billions in wasted spending.

This is just more proof that the rest of the developed world is crazy: why have government that represents a majority of voters when you can get a dictatorship the people don’t want and didn’t vote for?

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