Sunday, March 16, 2014

Canada’s crazy idea of majority rule

I think it would be funny to watch Rick Mercer take his mike to the streets and ask Canadians what the word “majority” means. Although I probably spend more time than the average person reading the political sections of various online news media, I sure in hell don’t know it means. At least, what it’s supposed to mean in Canada.

Outside of the Canadian loony bin, in the rest of the developed world, people would have no problem answering the question. They might say, it means a government has the authority to govern because it represents a majority of voters.

Here in Canada we do the opposite. We dole out absolute power to minority parties — or rather to the indirectly-elected leaders of minority parties — and call it a “majority.” This bizarre process actually shuts the real majority out of government.

If you have a twisted sense of humor like me, you might crack a wry smile at our silly, ass-backwards implement of democracy. Unfortunately, when someone like Harper winds up with all the power, it’s no longer a laughing matter.

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