Monday, March 10, 2014

Ridiculous election results projected in Quebec

Thanks to our undemocratic voting system, First-Past-the-Post, the PQ could win a majority with the same percent vote the Liberals have. With a mere 38% support from Quebecers, the PQ would have a “majority” mandate to launch another referendum.

How on Earth people consider this democracy is beyond me.

Voting in the free world

Of 34 developed countries, only Canada and the UK think it’s a good idea to dole out absolute power to arbitrary minority parties. Most ditched primitive FPP a century ago.

With a united Conservative party, we have a lot of bad things coming our way if we are not smart enough to fix our broken voting system when we get a chance after the 2015 election.

If we don’t have enough sense to save ourselves, maybe we should think about kind the future (or lack thereof) we are handing down to our children.

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