Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top ten benefits of Proportional Representation

Here are the top 10 reasons why we should replace our unreliable voting system, First-Past-the-Post, with PR:
  1. Real Democracy: Ensures an actual majority of voters is represented in government.

  2. Ends winner take all: Stops minority parties from getting absolute corrupt power.

  3. Stops vote splitting: Voters don’t get stuck with the opposite of what they voted for. Parties get same percent seats they got in votes.

  4. Stops wasted votes: Federal votes are distributed to parties. Voters are ensured party representation.

  5. Ends need for party mergers: Encourages multiple parties to better represent voters.

Thomas Mulcair leader of the NDP and Elizabeth May leader of the Green Party. Both parties support modernizing our voting system with Proportional Representation — used by 85% of developed countries.

  1. Stable minority governments: FPP is unstable because a small swing in vote can produce a big swing in seats. That encourages frequent opportunistic elections. PR moderates polarizing results.

  2. Reflects the way people vote: For a party, leader and platform.

  3. Gives smaller parties a voice: Under FPP and PV it’s difficult for small parties to win seats because their vote is spread across the country. PR ensures parties get the seats voters elected to give them.

  4. Would’ve stopped Harper from getting a majority in 2011.

  5. Will stop the Conservatives from becoming Canada’s natural governing party against the will of Canadians.

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