Friday, September 13, 2013

Unlock Democracy missing the key

A new electoral reform organization has come on the scene: Unlock Democracy Canada.

Unfortunately, like Fair Vote Canada, they have decided to preach proportional representation instead of representing Canadians on voting reform.

Reform in Canada

Canadians are divided on the issue between PR and PV ranked ballot.

PR ensures democracy at a federal level: parties get the same percent seats they got in votes. PV ensures democracy at a local level: MPs must earn their seats with a majority. Either system would've stopped Harper in 2011.

By only representing one side of the issue, Unlock Democracy is writing off half of the people who might've got involved otherwise.

United we stand…

The key to bringing real democracy to Canada is uniting the movement. The issue should be voting reform itself, not one's personal choice. In a democracy, it's up to the people to decide, not some presumptuous organization.

The greater goal is getting Canadians talking about voting reform to make it a key 2015 election issue. That way we will get something done.

If we blow this opportunity, a united Conservative party is poised to change Canada beyond recognition against the will of Canadians.


By taking the paternalistic approach, Fair Vote Canada and Unlock Democracy Canada are hurting the cause. Given PR has been rejected in BC, Ontario and PEI, by over 60%, the tired PR gambit is obviously not working. A change of tack is desperately needed.

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