Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fair Vote to “seize the moment” — yet again

According to FVC, the Liberal party is at a “turning point.” Prominent Liberals such as Bob Rae, Stephane Dion and Joyce Murray advocate Proportional Representation. So FVC is targeting the 2014 Liberal Convention hoping PR will be added to the Liberal election platform.

Be careful what you wish for

I think PR best reflects the will of voters. It’s used by 85% of developed countries. But FVC seems to have forgotten the sordid history they have with the Liberal party and electoral reform. Namely, the PR referendums that crashed and burned in BC, Ontario and PEI.

Designed to fail

Although the Liberal party has promised PR in the past, clearly their hearts weren’t in it. In fact, one could only describe the referendums they put in motion as designed-to-fail.

There was an absurd 60% requirement for PR to win — which would’ve killed PR in New Zealand. In BC, the Liberal party legislated a gag law forbidding organizations from campaigning for PR. In Ontario, there was no campaign, just mind-numbing public service announcements (according to one poll, 88% of voters knew little to nothing about the referendum. )

So why on Earth would FVC want to walk into another Liberal referendum buzz saw?

Unrealistic expectations

FVC’s political strategy basically amounts to going “all in” without even looking at their hole cards.

They are fluffy bunnies who have no clue they are surrounded by wolves. They mistake opponents for friends. They ignore the fierce attacks against PR in the corporate media — including the “leftist” Toronto Star. They delude themselves into believing 70% of Canadians support PR, when it was rejected by over 60% in BC, Ontario and PEI.

These people are not going to bring voting reform to Canada — they are going to drive the final nail in the electoral reform coffin!

Change of tack

It’s time to take a practical approach to voting reform. First put out the fire with PV ranked ballot. Then build support for a more proportional system. That way we don’t gamble everything and inevitably lose it all.

Justin Trudeau proposes ranked ballot voting as part of his Democratic Reform platform. If activists hold his feet to the fire, we have a real chance of finally bringing actual democracy to Canada.

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