Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Con ‘Fair Elections Act’ is voter suppression, not electoral reform

It's depressing to see the only mention that “electoral reform” gets from the corporate-owned media in Canada is to the Cons' Orwellian-titled “Fair Elections Act.”

So now when Canadians look up information on how to fix our broken democracy, they'll find pages and pages of this nonsense stinking up cyberspace.

Real electoral reform

Real electoral reform, which 31 of 34 developed countries have adopted — 92 countries worldwide — means fixing a country's voting system to stop distorted election results and ensure an actual majority of voters is represented in government.

(In Canada and the UK, we dole out absolute power to arbitrary minority parties and exclude the vast majority from government.)

Another Republican import

The “Fair Elections Act” simply imports US Republican voter-suppression techniques to give the Cons a bigger unearned advantage than they already have.

Fact is, under corrupt First-Past-the-Post, a united conservative party is Canada's natural governing party. They certainly don't need to rig the game any further. (Not that shame is going to stop them…)

The only thing I find surprising about this whole thing is that the Cons didn't try to bury it in the back pages of one of their phone-book-sized omnibus budget bills.


The “Fair Elections Act” just makes a bigger mess of our broken-down, slipshod, joke of a democracy. Let's please stop calling this POS “electoral reform.”

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