Monday, March 3, 2014

Trudeau ruling out working with NDP shows he just doesn’t get it

In the rest of the developed world, coalition governments are the norm. But instead of standing up for Canadian democracy, Justin Trudeau has decided to back Harper’s anti-democratic position that coalitions are undemocratic.

Iggy folly redux

Clearly Trudeau hasn’t been paying attention to recent history. When Ignatieff rejected the 2008 Liberal-NDP coalition — which would’ve ousted Harper — that meant he was forced to prop up the Harper Government. Harper took full advantage and ruled like he had a majority. Iggy looked pathetic attempting to criticize legislation he was forced to vote for. In the end, he went down in a stunning defeat.

Having learned nothing, Trudeau is also taking the position he would rather work with the Harper Conservatives than the NDP.

History of Liberal-NDP cooperation

But the fact is the Liberal party has worked with the NDP many times in our country’s history. The greatest government of all time was an informal coalition between Lester B. Pearson and Tommy Douglas. It brought to Canadians: universal health care, the Canada Pension Plan, and Canada Student Loans, the 40-hour work week, two weeks vacation time, a new minimum wage and the Canadian flag.

After 30 years of tough Tory times, you can bet most Canadians would rather have this kind of “interventionist” government than more neo-con “starve the beast” bullshit with big free-money tax cuts for the rich.

Canadians sick of partisan bickering

Trudeau also doesn’t understand that most Canadians are not partisan. We want center-left politicians to work together to stop Harper. We are sick of watching the Harper Cons destroy the country. Liberal, NDP, Green: we don’t care!


It’s time Trudeau did his homework and found out how our democracy works and what the vast majority of Canadians really want. Given Harper is at 30% in the polls, it is certainly not more Harper Government.

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  1. Justin is positioning himself as a right of center alternative to the Harper government. Instead of working with the NDP he is seeking the support of more moderate Neo Cons who may be swayed away from Harper. Justin will provide the same old government.


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