Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wynne’s sleazy plea for power an assault on democracy

To Kathleen Wynne, democracy and personal voting rights mean nothing. Power means everything.

In a Toronto Star editorial, she tries to pull a fast one by telling Ontarians, “a vote for Horwath is a vote for Hudak.”

Of course, the real reason she wants left-leaning votes? The real reason she forced this election she began campaigning for a month before her ill-fated budget with spending leaks and attack ads?

Power. She is trying to weasel a majority government for herself.

Campaign left, govern right

But like Liberals have tended to do over the last 20 years, she is campaigning from the left to govern right.

Bloomberg has exposed a hidden agenda of austerity in Wynne’s platform. They say she will bring in the deepest spending cuts to Ontario since Mike Harris.

As Maclean’s has pointed out, Wynne’s pension plan is regressive. It expands benefits for high income earners, but gouges low-income earners — like the federal Liberal EI reforms.

As I have documented, Wynne’s Liberals over the past few years have made “shameless cuts” to the poor and disabled, while adding $2.4-billion to the deficit with outrageous corporate tax cuts.

Empty social justice promises

Wynne says, “If you are passionate about social justice and helping the most vulnerable in Ontario, I am speaking to you.”

Unfortunately, she only wants your vote. She has absolutely no intention on representing it.

Even her 1% hike to disability rates is lower than inflation — meaning it’s an actual cut!


Don’t abandon your principles because Liberals like Wynne are so quick to abandon theirs.

Don’t give up your right to vote because Wynne wants absolute corrupt power for herself.

Compare Andrea’s and Wynne’s platforms. See who’s really for real. And vote for what’s right.

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