Sunday, July 14, 2013

FPP produces corrupt, unaccountable government

What do the senate scandal, Ad Scam and $600M gas plant cancellations all have in common? They were the product of minority parties being awarded unearned majority power.

FPP not only thwarts democratic election results, it interferes with the democratic process after elections.

When a minority party has a majority of seats it has 100% of the power, with no checks or balances. This absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Since a majority party can do whatever it wants, it has no inclination to listen to Canadians or provide accountability. In fact, it has every reason to loosely interpret its mandate and keep voters in the dark.

These minority majorities can pass phonebook-sized omnibus bills to minimize exposure to their agenda. They can govern in secret citing cabinet confidence. They can bully committees that review legislation.

The only way to ensure open, transparent and accountable government is with a democratic voting system. Either Preferential Voting (ranked ballot) or Proportional Representation will get the job done.

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