Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vote splitting makes a mockery of democracy

Under First-Past-the-Post, power is awarded to the leading candidate (not the majority one.) This can lead to vote splitting: when many similar contenders divide the vote in fragments allowing the other side to win. This can produce the opposite of what people want:

Federally, things have become so ridiculous parties are now "micro-targeting" votes because key ridings are decided by a small number of voters. This is the opposite of democracy. The majority is supposed to determine the will of the people, not a tiny minority.

Either Preferential Voting (ranked ballot) or Proportional Representation will end the insanity. That’s how the rest of the developed world does it.


  1. I prefer Proportional Representation

    1. I believe PR is the better system. But PV is also a vast improvement over our current voting system, FPTP.

      If voting reformers promote both systems (while favoring one over the other,) this will cast a wider net and get more Canadians involved in the debate. We must ensure something gets done after Harper is removed in 2015.


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