Friday, June 6, 2014

Business New Net blows up Wynne’s pretend progressive platform

If you were to believe the Toronto Star, Kathleen Wynne is the left-wing leader this election, and Andrea Horwath a “right-wing populist”: just another Margaret Thatcher, Mike Harris and Rob Ford…

Certainly the campaign strategy of the Liberals — and the Toronto Star — is to fool enough left-leaning voters to snag Wynne an undeserved fake majority government.

If one does a little research, however, it's clear that Horwath's platform is to the left of Wynne's (as one would expect.)

Campaign left, govern right

What's even more enlightening is that Wynne is actually campaigning from the left to govern from the right.

Not only is she making promises she has no intention of keeping, her platform contains a number of deep hidden spending cuts.

Cohn: from progressive to “pain”

The Star's Martin Cohn can't heap enough praise on Wynne — and disdain on Horwath. But in an column where he lauds Wynne for lurching left (in spirit) to right past Liberal wrongs, he also says:

Just as Hudak’s math doesn’t add up, … Wynne’s numbers likely won’t hold up after the ballots are counted.

Instead of awaiting a progressive paradise, expect “pain.”

Rob Ford Anyone?

Star columnists have been all over Andrea for promising to cut $600-million in bureaucratic waste. This is the premise of their “Andrea is Rob Ford” rhetoric.

But the fact is Wynne has plans of her own to eliminate bureaucratic waste — except her cuts add up to $1.25-billion a year!

Looks like Wynne is double dipping on some RoFo gravy!

Business News Network Bomb

The BNN exposed much more disturbing hidden cuts in Wynne's platform.

Her so-called stimulus vision to turn around the province's economy will only last one year!

Then it will be followed by the “biggest cuts since 1995” when Mike Harris came to power.

Yet Wynne’s own budget documents show this year’s spending surge will be followed by the deepest freeze in two decades.

Less draconian Harris

Where as Harris slashed spending by $533 per person in today's dollars, Wynne plans on reducing spending by $179 below 2013 levels by 2017-18 — erasing all 2014 spending increases.

Is a less-draconian Mike Harris the real pro-social choice for Ontarians? I'll leave that for readers to decide.


While Wynne offers a pretend left-wing platform to cover up a neo-liberal agenda, Andrea Horwath offers the real deal.

While Wynne inflicts more “pain” on average Ontarians to pay for $2.4-billion a year in failed corporate tax cuts, Andrea is willing to embrace fair taxation.

While Wynne piles broken promises upon broken promises, Andrea is willing to step up for people and do the right thing.

This election forget all the sleazy electioneering. Vote on principle.

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