Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wynne, Walkom coalition scheming comes full circle

Here's a little Machiavellian theatre of the absurd.

Back on May 28, Wynne surprised journalists by not ruling out a coalition with the NDP.

I thought: finally, a politician with some integrity willing to stand up for our democracy and constitution. Turned out I spoke too soon.

Stage is set

This actually set the stage for The Star's Thomas Walkom to smear Andrea Horwath.

Two days later, Walkom came out with a baseless piece that implied Andrea was willing to form a coalition with Tim Hudak. Part of the Star's “Andrea is right-wing” theme.

Did Andrea suggest any such thing? No. But why let facts get in the way of a convenient story?


Next day, Wynne ran with the Walkom piece attacking Horwath for her “unprincipled stance” over the Hudak coalition.

She railed, “It is shocking that the party of Jack Layton and Stephen Lewis … would be thinking about supporting Tim Hudak.”

Accused Andrea of betraying NDP principles. Enlightened voters that a vote for Andrea is a vote for Hudak.

A little hypocrisy

Four days later, Wynne came out saying she would now do that which she condemned only a few days earlier: she would prop up a Hudak minority if it came to it.

Later the same day, Walkom came out with a column saying Wynne has ruled out a coalition with the NDP.

The circle of sleaze is complete.

Immoral of the story

The point of Walkom's last column? Left-leaning voters better give Wynne her majority, or else!

And I thought used-car salesmen were disgusting…

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