Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wynne’s appalling coalition hypocrisy

Just before advanced polls opened, Kathleen Wynne railed against Andrea Horwath’s “unprincipled stance” by not ruling out supporting the Tories in a minority government.

It is shocking that the party of Jack Layton and Stephen Lewis … would be thinking about supporting Tim Hudak. A vote right now for Andrea Horwath might be a vote for Tim Hudak.

Did Andrea suggest in any way, shape or form she was open to forming a coalition with Tim Hudak? No.

She simply refused to speculate on any hypotheticals. As Andrea said, she’s “in it to win it,” not be the balance of power.

Wynne does what she condemned

Now Wynne is taking the exact same position Andrea took! She essentially repeated Andrea’s words which she earlier condemned:

Hypothetical. Hypothetical. Hypothetical. We’re running for a strong mandate. We’re looking for a mandate from the people of Ontario.

I guess according to Wynne’s logic, this means she plans to form a coalition with Hudak! A vote for Wynne is a vote for Hudak!

Propping up Hudak

Wynne says she’s open to propping up a Hudak minority.

If that isn’t what the people of Ontario choose then we will continue to work in a minority parliament with whoever the government is.

Despite absurd Liberal and Star smears that Andrea is “right-wing,” the fact is Wynne has a lot more in common with Hudak than Andrea (whose platform is left of Wynne’s.)

Take corporate taxes. The Liberals wanted to cut them from 14% to 10%. Andrea stopped them at 11.5% and plans on reversing them. Hudak wants to cut them to 8%.

If Wynne and Hudak work together in a minority government, they could settle on 9%, blowing a $5-billion hole in the budget (currently $2.4-billion a year thanks to Liberal corporate tax cuts.)


Voters should keep in mind the 2008 federal election. Stephane Dion and Jack Layton wanted to form a coalition and oust Harper. But Michael Ignatieff was crowned Liberal leader and preferred to prop up Harper instead.

How well did that work out for Canadians?

Liberal propaganda

The same day of Wynne's advanced poll attack on Andrea, the following polished Photoshop picture was put out on Twitter. As someone who uses Photoshop, I can tell you this kind of work takes some time and planning (especially with the 3D perspective and matching fonts.)

It was obviously crafted by the Liberal war room to accompany Wynne's straw-man coalition propaganda — now debunked by Wynne herself.

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