Monday, July 1, 2013

Straight up democratic voting

The purpose of DVC is to promote electoral reform in Canada, not promote one system over another.

The two primary options are (in no particular order): Preferential Voting (ranked ballot) and Proportional Representation (particularly Mixed-Member Proportional and Single Transferable Vote variations.)

I believe the best course of action is to hold a rational, federal debate on the issue and then let Canadians decide.

Unfortunately, the debate has become mired in the same hyper-partisan, polarizing politics that corrupt Parliament — ironically, the same kind of politics First-Past-the-Post engenders. Instead of discussing the issue like adults, many electoral reformers are waging war against the opposing system.

Instead of engaging Canadians in the debate — building the widespread, grassroots support required for action — this behavior is turning people off of voting reform.

The real issue is getting rid of corrupt First-Past-the-Post. Either PR or PV will bring democracy to Canada. Voting reformers should persuade Canadians on the merits of their system, not manipulate them.

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