Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CPC would win election on less votes than Liberals

According to an IRV poll from Forum Research for the National Post, the Liberals have a 4 point lead on the Conservatives but would actually lose the election:

July 2013 national voting intention

Party Vote FPP FPP Gain
(Majority: 155 seats of 308)
LPC 35% 120 39% +11%
CPC 31% 129 42% +35%
NDP 22% 44 14% -36%
BQ 7% 14 4.5% -35%
GPC 4% 1 0.3% -93%

The gain shows the percent seats won under FPP compared to the vote. The ranked ballot would end the gain the Conservatives get due to vote splitting. Under a purely proportional system, there would be no gain for any party.

To stop the distorted election results and ensure the will of the people is carried out, we need a democratic voting system. Either Proportional Representation or Preferential Voting (ranked ballot) will end the mockery of democracy.

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