Friday, August 9, 2013

91% of developed nations adopted voting reform

Of 34 developed countries, 31 have moved on to better voting systems that ensure an actual majority of voters is represented in government. That's 91%.

Canada and the UK use primitive FPP which breaks down when there are more than two parties.

Canadians deserve better. Canadians must demand better.

Developed country voting info

(Developed countries: 34)
Implemented voting reform 31 91%
Democratic voting system 32 94%
Proportional Representation 29 85%
Runoff voting 2 6%
FPP two-party 1 3%
FPP multi-party (undemocratic) 2 6%

Here are the voting systems in more detail:

Developed Countries (IMF)

Country Voting System Variation
Anglo-Saxon countries
Australia Runoff vote PV
Canada FPP Multi-party state
Ireland PR STV
New Zealand PR MMP
UK FPP Multi-party state
US FPP Two-party state
European countries
Austria PR Party list
Belgium PR Party list
Cyprus PR Party list
Czech Republic PR Party list
Denmark PR Party list
Estonia PR Party list
Finland PR Party list
France Runoff vote Two elections
Germany PR MMP
Greece PR Reinforced proportionality
Iceland PR Party List
Italy PR Party list
Luxembourg PR Party list
Malta PR STV
Netherlands PR Party list
Norway PR Party list
Portugal PR Party list
San Marino PR Party list
Slovakia PR Party list
Slovenia PR Party list
Spain PR Party list
Sweden PR Party list
Switzerland PR Party list
Asian countries
Hong Kong PR Party list
Israel PR Party list
Japan PR MMP
South Korea PR MMP
Taiwan PR MMP

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