Monday, May 5, 2014

Harper, Wynne ‘unnecessary election’ nonsense

In 2011, the Harper Government was found in Contempt of Parliament for refusing to release public budget documents to the Budget Officer it appointed. Although this corruption was clearly unnecessary, the election that followed was certainly not.

Fast forward 3 years later and the Wynne Liberals are using the same sleazy tactic. They are attempting to distract voters from their corruption and broken promises by blaming the NDP for the election.

But the simple truth is, if they had governed with honesty and competence there would be no reason for an election.

Gas plant scandal

One of the main reasons the election dropped is the gas plant scandal. In 2011, Dalton McGuinty abused $1.1-billion of public money by closing down unpopular gas plants as a campaign strategy. He was attempting to buy a majority government with taxpayer dollars — and nearly succeeded.

Kathleen Wynne was not isolated from this corruption. She was at the heart of it. She was McGuinty's campaign co-chair and her signature was on related documents.

Broken promises

Some believe the NDP should've propped up the Liberal government because of the many promises in Wynne's 2014 budget. But what this leaves out is all the broken promises in her 2013 budget.

In 2013, Wynne worked with Horwath and legislated a budget that included home care for seniors, a 15% discount on bloated auto insurance and a financial accountability office. Wynne reneged on them all.

So what's the use of supporting a budget full of big promises that have little chance of seeing the light of day — whose real purpose is to buy time putting distance between Wynne and the gas plant scandal?


The Ontario Liberals are attempting to shift the blame for their corruption and lies onto the NDP. Don't be fooled by them.

This necessary election should be about policy and track records. Let's have an honest debate about the real issues.

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