Monday, May 12, 2014

Is Kathleen Wynne for real?

According to a new attack ad from Kathleen Wynne, Andrea Horwath is “not for real” and opposed to:

  • Increased child benefit

  • Expanded pension plan

  • Investment in new roads, bridges and transit

  • $2.5-billion ‘corporate welfare’ job creation plan

Well she got the last one right, at least.

But what Andrea was actually saying ‘no’ to was Wynne’s broken promises and corruption.

Broken promises

In 2013, the Liberals and NDP worked together on a budget. Wynne said ‘yes’ to home care for seniors, a 15% discount on bloated auto insurance and a financial accountability office.

But when it came down to getting the work done, Wynne flaked out on all three promises.

So how was Andrea supposed to take Wynne seriously with her new round of lofty promises? As the saying goes: fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


It was also discovered that Wynne was at the heart of the gas plant scandal.

In 2011, the Liberals abused $1.1-billion of taxpayer money closing unpopular gas plants trying to buy a majority government — and nearly succeeded. Wynne was McGuinty’s campaign co-chair and her signature was on related documents.

The real Andrea

Andrea is rolling out her platform day-by-day during the campaign, which parties typically do. So far Andrea has promised real progressive policies:

  • Home care for seniors

  • $100-million for day care

  • Stop Liberal cuts to welfare and disability; index rates to inflation

  • $12/hr mininum wage indexed to inflation (Liberals offer single bump to $11/hr)

  • Cancel failed Liberal corporate tax cuts for the rich

  • Job creation tax credit

The real Wynne

While Wynne pretends to be the real progressive candidate, it should be noted she has yet to deliver on any progressive policies.

So why all the big promises now?

In 2011, the Liberals fell short of a fake majority by one seat. Wynne’s apparent strategy is to target NDP votes to score that coveted majority.

Campaign from left, govern from right

But will all this be yet another case of Liberals campaigning from the left to govern from the right?

According to former Liberal finance minister Dwight Duncan, Ontario is facing ‘staggering debt’ and needs to double spending cuts.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if Wynne were to snag a majority, she would suddenly discover Ontario is facing a budget crisis and she has to abandon all of her promises (again.) Then she would continue where McGuinty left off with the Drummond report spending cuts.


Andrea is the real deal. She has no reason to lie about being progressive. And she puts her money where her mouth is: she will cancel failed tax cuts for the rich to pay for her promises.

Kathleen Wynne is not for real. She has yet to deliver on progressive policies. And she has no way to fund her new promises.

Take the poll: Is Andrea for real?

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