Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ontario NDP division overblown by Liberal media?

Liberal supporters are very concerned that progressive voters are not getting proper representation in Andrea Horwath’s NDP.

It’s touching to see them all verklempt despite supporting a party that hasn’t come remotely close to legislating anything progressive in 25 years.

But thankfully for these well-intentioned partisans, it’s all a false alarm according to Abacus Data.

It’s comforting to know they’ll no longer be kept awake all hours of the night fretting over the eminent death of the NDP.

Immoral of the story

Anecdotal evidence is not real evidence.

And, oh yeah: it’s less “corrupt” trying to EARN votes than attempting to sleaze them.


  1. Now Babel on the Bay is certain that Mulcair lead NDP is dying too, because that big "progressive" Justin Trudeau, aka the big oil embarrassment, er I mean lobbyist, is going to take away votes from the NDP's left. Does this guy pay the slightest attaction to actual policy positions, or does he just make it up as he goes?

    1. Anyone familiar with my blog a few months ago would've pegged me for a huge Justin Trudeau supporter, which I was. But I became disillusioned with his position on the issues.

      For example, the tarsands: he supports increased Chinese foreign investment to ramp up production and export countless tanker loads of raw bitumen to Asia/China "the future of the Canadian economy". And taxes: Trudeau supports all of Harper's $44-billion/yr in 'starve the beast' tax cuts, which puts Canada in a fiscal straight jacket.

      Trudeau is another Liberal enabler of the neo-con 'starve the beast' agenda over the past 30 years: the neo-cons blow a big hole in the budget with reckless tax cuts that primarily benefit the rich. The "Liberals" cement them in place.

      I was also disgusted with Trudeau's underhanded move that undid the party's serious commitment to voting reform with ranked ballot voting. Trudeau now wants to repeat what the Liberals did in BC, ON & PEI: bring in a designed-to-fail PR referendum that will kill electoral reform for good. (He thinks he can return the Liberal party to its former glory by winning fake majorities.)

      I would peg Trudeau as the most right-leaning Liberal leader to come down the pike in a century. He is neither progressive or liberal.

      BTW, read Trudeau's speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade where he outlines his economic agenda. His idea of "hard work" is bringing in token environmental regulations and working with Natives to build more pipelines all to get Canada's resources/bitumen to market.

      False hope. Empty change. Wrong kind of elbow grease.

      Little progressive about Trudeau's economic platform


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