Saturday, May 31, 2014

Liberals and Toronto Star colluding together?

I was impressed with Kathleen Wynne a couple days ago when she apparently stood up for our democracy and the constitution by refusing to rule out a coalition with the NDP.

But I might have spoke to soon.

The coalition that never was

The next day Thomas Walkom wrote a baseless smear piece that linked Andrea Horwath and Tim Hudak together in a coalition.

Today Kathleen Wynne cranked out an entire speech railing against Andrea’s unprincipled coalition with Hudak, betraying workers and notable NDP leaders like Jack Layton. She implied a vote for Andrea is a vote for Hudak.

Much manufactured about nothing…

These pieces fit together too perfectly to be coincidence. They have all appearances of being a coordinated strategy to weasel left-leaning votes for Wynne.

TORSTAR agenda

So far I’ve counted 23 anti-Andrea op-ed pieces by The Star since the election began. They have been working overtime to pump out the vitriol and slander. Just as many anti-Wynne pieces The Sun put out.

Their campaign theme is that Andrea is a “right-wing populist.” But if one compares Wynne and Horwath’s platforms it’s clear that Andrea’s is the most progressive.

Cohn confirms Wynne strategy

Martin Regg Cohn let the cat out of the bag in a botched piece meant to bolster Wynne titled “How Kathleen Wynne righted Liberal wrongs by lurching left.” In it he says Wynne’s promises are empty and voters should expect “pain.”

Like Chretien and McGuinty, Wynne’s strategy is to campaign from the left and govern from the right.


Andrea responded to the nonsense, “I will never support any plan that fires 100,000 hard-working people in this province.” She also stated her real intentions: “I want to be clear: I am running to be premier of this province.”

Wynne, of course, refuses to rule out working with Tim Hudak in a minority situation. Not surprising.

In 2008, federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff turned down a coalition with the NDP — that would’ve ousted Harper — to prop up the Harper Government. We can all be grateful for that.

Birds of a feather…

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